Sediment-Water Systems

Sediments and/or associated waters are supplied from freshwater ponds, lakes or rivers that are supplied by springs or that drain from land that receives no or minimal pesticide.

From sites across England and France and occasionally Spain and Italy, we can meet most composition requirements and provide supporting measurements of redox potential, dissolved oxygen content, conductivity, temperature and pH.  Fine and coarse textured sediments can also be collected from brackish estuarine and fully saline marine environments.

Sediments and waters are supplied on the basis of the average analysis quoted on our supply lists.  Through collaboration with Smithers ERS we can also offer analytical characterisation to GLP of any sediment-water system ‘as-supplied’.

Example Supply Sites

Lumsdale Middle Pond, Derbyshire, UK

This site has a coarse textured, low organic matter, slightly acid sediment that is typically paired with our Calwich Abbey lake fine-textured calcareous sediment or sometimes with Etang Scamandre sediment (see below).

Etang Scamandre, Camargue, France

This is a 100 x 50 m slightly brackish arm of a shallow lagoon in the Scamandre Regional Nature Reserve, which is within the rice-growing area of the Camargue.

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